Danica Patrick: Grading Each Aspect of Her Stock Car Performance in 2012

danica patrick

NASCAR’s darling, Danica Patrick, changed her career course from IndyCar to NASCAR full-time this year. The polarizing driver may be better known for her commercial value, but how well is she doing in NASCAR?

Patrick is certainly not the first woman to drive in NASCAR, but she garners more attention than any other woman has, be it right or wrong.

Overall, NASCAR fans would like to see her do well, but she does have a hard-hitting bunch of naysayers who call her overrated and claim she will never be anything other than mediocre with her driving ability.

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  • JamesFontana

    I do not know why Danica is the darling of NASCAR. It is obviously only in the minds of the media. Darrell Waltrip has a crush on her but who cares what he thinks? Danicas performance has been less than stellar. She appears to be afraid to be in close proximity to other cars. The media did not notice that another female that is never mentioned has finished ahead of her a coulple times. Without the Go Daddy sponsorship she would be just another female trying to make it in NASCAR. Put Johanna long in a decent piece of equpment and you will see a real female race car driver. There are some girls in the truck series that show promise if put in a decent ride. Jennifer Jo Cobb could be one of those drivers. As far as a grade for Danica I would give her a “D+” .

  • P B

    I think that Danica has a little problem, she is afraid of getting hurt and messing up her face or something and this is holding her back on being tough. I would really like to see her get tougher and really turn it on and do much better. I think she has what it takes but she has to stop worring so much about everyone else and just drive for her as if she were the only one on the track. I say GO DADDY GIRL and get tough, you have what it takes or otherwise you wouldn’t even be there. GO FOR IT KID!!!!!!!!!!!