Speeds Prompt Changes At ‘New’ Michigan

tires at michigan

Practice speeds topping 200 mph produced instances of blistering tires at the newly repaved Michigan International Speedway Friday, prompting The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to change its left-side tire recommendation for Sunday’s Quicken Loans 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

The decision was announced late Friday evening after several teams experienced blistering tires following Friday’s practice on the 2.0-mile, D-shaped oval in Brooklyn, Mich.

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  • JamesFontana

    NASCAR just can not stop fiddeling with the cars trying to keep the speed down so the careful and cautious drivers can safely points race. I though when you raced caution was thrown to the wind and it was flat out getting after it (the win). This new crop of drivers whine and NASCAR makes changes to suit their whims. When will NASCAR learn it is the fans that need to be satisfied not the drivers?