Long always knew racing where she belonged

johanna long

Johanna Long has known what she wanted to do with her life since she was 5. Her late-model racing father, Donald, wanted her to first try other things.

Ballet? The tights weren’t a good fit. Both Long and her older sister, Haley, can recall Johanna picking at them. (Neither was in the presence of the other when they spoke of Johanna’s discomfort in the dance leggings.)

Softball? A diamond isn’t this girl’s best friend. Again Johanna and Haley chuckle, each reminiscing an almost identical moment in the outfield grass to describe Johanna’s disinterest.

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  • robocop

    I would like to see her come along and do a little better. Maybe with better equipment it will happen. We need more women in NASCAR and Patrick and Long both have a lot of potential if allowed to learn the ropes without the chauvinistic remarks that they are subjected to.