Commercial Interruptions Make NASCAR Viewing Almost Unbearable


If it seemed like there were more ads than usual during Saturday night’s NASCAR race at Kentucky, that’s because there were.

According to numbers posted on the website – which keeps track of commercials during NASCAR races – TNT’s broadcast of the Kentucky race contained the highest percentage of ads so far this season.

A total of 31.7 percent of TNT’s race broadcast was devoted to commercials – none of which aired in a side-by-side format and plenty of which occurred during the green flag.

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  • Seabeebobmu2

    I used to live for Sunday’s and nascar, now, Hmmmmm is my attitude. I could care less and less about watching the races anymore. Only taledega, daytona, and pocono can catch even an inkling of my interest. What happened to nascar?

  • Mike Sacia

    Also track sound was so loud could hardly hear track anouncements definately hear cars.  I’ve always noticed this after they leave Fox.  Fox sound levels are just about perfect.  Yes way to many commercials.
    MJ from Wisconsin

  • Sp00s

    it hasn’t been the same since dale sr died

  • GregoryP

    Green flag commercials are bad, even at the end with split screen. NASCAR
    whored itself out to the corporate sponsors at the expense of the fans. See all
    those empty seats?

    • slapjack

      Those empty seats are because people can’t afford the cost of the seats.

  • Catloverdee

    At our house there’s a lot going on, so we set our DVR in case we can’t be around for the races.  You can fast forward through the ads, but it is frustrating when you have to watch a replay of what happened during the commercial, because they didn’t do the side by side.  It used to be that they did side by side at least for the last 50 laps.  I guess times are tough, and they have to grab as many sponsors as they can.  I still love my Nascar races.

  • Harry

    this is the second race brad won when he didn’t have enough gas to finish so nascar keeps caution out longer  than necessary to insure he can finish.that is not the kind of racing i tune in for.keep it up nascar and you will lose another fan. most of us are interested in green flag racing

  • Bob

    There are too many commercials on TV period

  • Dadinmo

    That’s what you get at the Jane Fonda Network

  • Lilburnflash

    I agree.  There were far too many ads on the NASCAR Kentucky race.  When we lost our free television service and had to pay for services, all channels have been clobbered with ads, almost one-third of the time happens to be ads.  Even the national news continues to have back to back ads with little world or national news.  One loses out on the substance in the programming because of so damn many ads.  Why do we have to pay through the nose to see all these ads?  I have recorded many shows on DVR so that I can skip over the ads.   If you cannot, the breaks are long enough for you to get a drink, pop a bag of popcorn and pee.  I had rather anymore to sit on the front porch and watch the birds and rabbits than to watch the television  Television is becoming a big waste of time, so costly to the wallet, your health, and adds to frustration.

  • Mrbillga

    My wife and I are both NASCAR fans, or should I say we use to be avid fans.   We’d watch every race from beginning to end.   Now we call it “nappin with NASCAR”.   Turn on the race, see lots and lots of commercials over and over again, then fall asleep because you are bored out of your mind.   Wake up NASCAR.   It’s not just the Obama economy that is killing your attendence at the tracks and at home.   It is because for the most part the races are just plain boring.   NASCAR use to be exciting.   Now it is all about the commercials and the incessant commentary from the booth in an attempt to make it interesting.     HO HUM!!!

  • BD

    KFC is NOW off of my places to go and dine out

  • Senior29

    I must agree with the statements of the other commentors.  The broadcasts now are boring. They go away for a commercial and come back with the caution flag out or a lead change or whatever and hardly mention it. Side by side was good for those of us who wanted to watch in real time. Oh well. Count me among those losing interest.

  • Bill

    Luckily I am getting old enough to take a short nap during the commercial breaks….but sometimes I don’t wake up in time, lol.

  • Djepops

    You know I have noticed that. Who wouldn’t notice.

    I wonder if my Uverse Programming is going to knock 31% off my bill for that time. (I pay for the programming and then the advertizer pays also.)

    We keep getting squeezed because someone wants more bucks.

    Maybe more people would watch the race if it weren’t so commercialized and then would have a lot more interest in going to the races.

    Another thing that is running racing people away is the time it takes to start a race.
    Come on the air and the race starts almost 1-1/2 hrs later.  Not all are that way but many are.

    in Texas

  • Brownok918

    Nascar is history. Saturday night dirt is back and its better than Nascar.

  • Veselenakvesel

    When are you going to wake up? This is just another tactic by the Muslim-Marxist and his commie minions of taking out yet another successful capitalistic enterprise! I told everybody that he would run this country into the ground, why the hell do you suppose that he was “implanted” as “Dictator-In -Chief.” The new Hitler has his tentacles on just about everything, including the Supreme Court! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP! 

  • Dale left coast

    But they brought the Col. Saunders back to life . . . lol
    I PVR the race . . . then you can start to watch an hour or so later . . . fast-forward to commercials and by the time you catch up with the recording its about the end of the race. You have an extra hour to relax, cut the grass or go out for beer.

  • Steve Davis

    All of my friends have lost interest in Nascar over the past few years, I still enjoy watching and going to the races. The last 3 races I went too I had a hard time finding someone to go with me, even when I agreed to pay all expenses. I guess I will record the races from now on and watch later in the week.  

  • Gle_cam

    I watch the races on MUTE. Wont listen to the commercials. Also don’t have to listen to the announcers either


    Love Nascar, but don’t watch except when broadcast locally on Fox or  ABC. Otherwise they are just history.

  • Paul Brown

    I love NASCAR but the commercials are getting to be to much. Why did they go to TNT network in the first place? Everytime commercials come on I mute through them but by the time it comes back on, I’ve fallen asleep and I wake up and it over or at least half over. Its not worth watching anymore. They better do something. Just tune in at the end to see who won.

  • Rrmanretired

    NASCAR is dying a so death, please hurry and die already.  The cars are all the same like IROC was and like the INDY cars are. The Toyota cars in NASCAR are 2 door with V-8’s where as on the street there 4 doors with a V-6,  the Charger is also a 4 door on the street. Take the decals and paint off the cars and you wont see a different’s between all of them, and that chase crap is the stupidest thing NASCAR ever came up with.  They have made all the drivers look like candy asses, they can’t speak their mind or heaven forbid strike another driver who caused them to wreak. Oh and go a speak over their so called speed limit coming into the pits and the driver can pretty much figure their chances of winning that race is over.  

  • Joe Gibb fan

    agree with Rrmanretired…
    I record the race and go back and watch it cutting out the commercials…
    Also agree with the one that said big O is killing everything in America.
    The Big O must go!

  • Divr

    Come on  people…. commercials and Restrictor plates killed Nascar….. period end of story.. either you live with it or don’t watch, and be the number of empty seats, I think it’s thae later…

  • Ciaramella329

    Thankfully, I had plans Saturday evening so I recorded the race and watched it when we got home.  I am beginning to not care about NASCAR anymore.  Way too many commercials.  Way too much Danica.  The Dillon boys are fine, but getting close to being overexposed.  I can no longer stomach all the shows during the week and absolutely cannot tolerate an hour of pre-race festivities.  I know sponsorship runs the show, but enough is enough.  Some of my buddies don’t even bother to watch anymore.  I’m not too far behind.  My money is way too important to be spent on an organization that is way too greedy.  I have to pay for food, gasoline and a roof over my family’s head.  I don’t have to follow NASCAR if I so choose.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Although I’ve always been a Race Fan of NASCAR they have progressively done things to destroying the enjoyment factor.
    Not long ago NASCAR had the audacity to having Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden as Grand Marshal’s and even after them both being Booed by the fans they still haven’t learned a thing.
    NASCAR Races have always been seen as the Great American Pass Time and experience but they have taken what made it great into just another big money game where the best drivers with the best crew can no longer compete unless the money people are behind them.
    If it’s not bad enough that we put up with more and more commercials and enjoying less and less of the races now NASCAR is going to deal the final insult to the fans.
    June the 15 th in New Hampshire’s NASCAR Race the head of NASCAR has invited our very own self proclaimed God and King Mr Obama to the race.
    On a personal level I feel if they kicked me in the groin NASCAR couldn’t have hurt me any more then when they inviting this Anti American Communist Muslim to a true American Sporting Event.
    I can only pray that King Obama get’s his just level of Boo’s by real Americans and Patriots of the Greatest Nation On Earth.

  • MBR 549

    I used to enjoy watching NASCAR but not any more.  I guess the powers that be in charge of NASCAR can’t see all of the empty seats in the stands every week and the drop in the TV ratings.  Fan attendaance is not so much about the economy as it is the fact that the races are boring.  What excitement is there to go watch 43 cars start a race and after 10 laps at least 5 have parked and headed to the next race.  I don’t want to see a lot of wrecks as so many do, but there is no excitement when no one can pull out to pass without having someone pushing them on the super tracks due to the restrictor plates.  As for watching on TV, I would almost rather go out and watch grass grow due to all of the commercials.

  • pappap42

    NASCAR races are for Sunday afternoon. Never on Friday or Saturday. Good-by NASCAR is was fun at one time.

  • mac

    I am doen to watching 3 or 4 a year now. Just go to the news and get the highlights. 31.7 was commercials and another 15% was watching replays. 

  • Donald Kaufman

    So many commercials that I was glad I was taping the race. I watched it later and “RACED” through the commercials!

  • Dukeplex1

    Due to the ads taking so up much time, I  now record the race and buzz thru the commercials.  I especially hate the dumb KFC ones with the old dip**** and his butthead grandkid!

  • Elchucko1

    I always tape the races and then watch them at my time. Fast forward through the commercials. You can watch a whole race in about an hour plus if theres a wreck or something, you can replay it. Have been doing this the last couple of years. 

  • Gayle

    Since they went over to TNT I think nascar has made a big BOOM of a decision..  I used to be the first one in front of Fox for races.. I dont have the dish or cable or directv or kyle bush gets and go figure,, when kyle is behind somehow there always ends up something on the track and he gets a caution to help him out… Nascar used to be a great way to spend a sunday afternoon… Now I spend time reading outside on my canopy swing or online…
    Understanding now why your seats are empty… I agree with alot of these statements.. restrictor plate racing makes all the cars the same too.. Let them race for crying out loud instead of all being the same… 

  • JamesFontana

    I am so sick of the KFC commercial I’ll never go the a KFC again. It is also on regular programing very frequently. Must be KFC could not afford to make a few different commercials. Because the betworks have to pay Brian France and company so much for rights to broadcast a race they have to get in as many commercial breaks as they can. It is not the networks fault it is again the non knowing, non caring NASCAR management. Because NASCAR has becoe so big and expensive to operate they are milking the networks and making it harder for sponsors to sponsor a team. The racing sucks so attendance falls of and the track owners still have to give their cut to NASCAR therefore prices go up. It all boils down to the greed and overhead of NASCAR.

  • pat

    I agree it is ridiculous the number of ads as least have side by side

  • Frankie Leon Edging

    I cant stand to watch a race live anymore. I record it on DVR, then watch it later, usually I can watch the entire race in about 30 minutes and dont have to put up with the bs commercials or retarded announcers. And if the race is broadcast on TNT I REFUSE TO WASTE MY TIME. I have HD tv and the race’s are HD on FOX, but when on TNT, they are standard def, and if anything I think they are even lower quality than SD. So any race on TNT I skip. And as far as going to a race. I live 20 miles from Michigan, and I refuse to pay the prices. The seats are too small, and I’m not going to pay for extra seat just to have some arm room. The concession’s prices are absolutely rediculous, and the only reasonably priced seats are in horrible spots. Oh and then they removed some of the grandstand to make way for RV camping right at the turn 3-4 fence. I think they did that due to lower attendance numbers being so obvious on tv. The only seats worth having there are $80 and up. I’m not too heart broke, honestly I think there is more action and less bs at the local dirt track Butler Speedway. And at $12/person is far more duable with an entire family. I can enjoy not just a few hours but around 6 hours of racing, reasonable concessions, take in my own cooler, and with the wife and a kid I can get out at around $50 or less.

  • starblue

    TNT has always had the worst coverage of all, even ahead of ESPN.  Neither of them capture the cars on the track like FOX does.
     FOX is by far the best with cameras and all around coverage.

  • sarah

    if nascar wants to play so many commercials then why don’t they put the race in the corner of tv so race fans don’t miss anything?