Sponsorship concerns could bump Joey Logano from No. 20 ride

joey logano

In the chaotic moments following the end of Saturday’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway, as fireworks exploded overhead and a collection of crumpled cars limped back to the garage area, team owner Joe Gibbs stood calmly in front of Joey Logano’s hauler, waiting for his young driver to wrap up a series of interviews along pit road.

Logano had battled back from damage his car received in one wreck and then avoided several other late accidents to post a fourth-place finish, giving him his fifth top-10 in the past eight races. As a result, Logano currently is one of the 12 drivers qualified for the Chase for the Championship, leading Ryan Newman by one point and Kasey Kahne by three for the final spot.

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  • Duker1246

    What is Home Depot thinking…maybe they want someone who looks like they have more ‘PRIDE’.

  • dominke

    Nascar has become a joke. Looks like the WWE. Spend your money on saturday night dirt tracks and have more fun with less money being spent.

  • Paul Brown

    I’m starting to think many of the drivers are getting tired of being kicked around as well by sponsors and the media and the political arena. Then NASCAR moves from fox news channel to TNT who really doesn’t give a damn about the race or the fans, they are only concerned about the paying sponsors, and the commercials just keep getting longer. The fans just keep missing more and more of the race but nobody gives a damn.

  • JGR Fan

    You can’t blame Home Depot for wanting a winner like Johnson has been for Lowe.. Just like Army cutting sponsorship with its teams, more and more are  cutting out because of Obama economy. Its Time for fans and everyone else to vote the big O out of office.
    I hope JGR goes with 4 teams if they can get the sponsors.