NASCAR’s Taxpayer-Supported Ads

dale earnhardt jr

This week, NASCAR and other professional sports have been making their cases for keeping public money rolling into their accounts. For years, the U.S. Military has been spending large sums, up to $100 million a year, to professional sports for advertising to aid in publicity and recruitment efforts. While the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have benefitted from this money, NASCAR has apparently received the lion’s share. Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston, who is leading the charge, had this to say: “I think as a conservative, we’ve got to measure our friends in the military with the same yardstick we measure a social program.”

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  • a sad vet that love NASCAR

    Who wants to serve in Military with a Commander in Chief like Obama that don’t take up for troops are Vets.Cutting Military spending and telling the enemy what you’re going to do before you do it. I don’t totally agree with Kingston but he is right about 100 millions to pro sports and returning troops can’t even get help for recovery. Obama must go are this country will go…under that is.