Danica Patrick Shouldn’t Move Up To NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Next Year

danica patrick

To best position herself for the future, Patrick should spend at least another year in the Nationwide Series before making the jump.

Austin Dillon is having a phenomenal season in the NASCAR Nationwide Series by any standards. In 18 races, Dillon has completed every single lap. He has an astounding 14 top-10 finishes in those 18 races.

Dillon, it should be noted, is a rookie. A rookie! Before this year, he’d only driven 11 Nationwide races. And the dude is second in the point standings.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BBO2Q2QDRBPJHAL65X2E3YA5KA GregoryP

    Danica is a 15th place driver that gets top 5 equipment. She is attractive and gets all the coverage. If she wasn’t such a diva and had some results, I could understand. Good racing will fill the stands back up, not PR.

    • JamesFontana

      I sure hope you wouldn’t be a judge in a beauty contest of NASCAR lady drivers. Jenifer Jo, Johanna, Amber, Angelia and Crissy all put her to shame in the beauty department. Danica has no “top’ and no “bottom” and rarely ever smiles.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HDCDWFTWZYFSODB2MSOZP5SDNE Chuck

    Danica needs more experience before moving up. She will have to win some races or at least
    be more consistent in the top 10 in Nationwide. She has potential.

  • JamesFontana

    Instead of moving up to Cup the Queen should go back and drive in the truck series a year, than a year in Nationwide. She needs to stay in the “lower series” until she gets over herself and the media gets over her. There are better female drivers out there that deserve a chance like Johanna Long.

    • Gene

      whats the matter? you good ole boys affraid she might beat you all? get over it she is a better driver than you babys are. all of you are affraid of being beating by a lady

      • JamesFontana

        `You are kidding right? This chick can not drive a stock car period. She has the best equipment, the best crew, plenty of sposorship money and she still can’t do anything but complain about the car and blame some other driver if she wrecks. There are better female drivers than her if given the right oportunity. I would like to see the girls do well and beat the guys especially Harvick but Danica is not the one to do it. Now that cry baby Harvick has angered one of the Cope girls watch for some action out of her. And a side note, all of the other girls in NASCAR and ARCA are much better looking than Danica,she has the figure of a bean pole.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1439205214 Brian Burchfield

          cant be beat by a lady when she runs in 23rd and two laps down every race. I’d rather get beat by the pure stock ladies I race against as the yat least know how to work and set up a car and not just show up at the track

  • madogdriver

    thats the ticket james. she needs all the seat time she can get before making the move up. i think she should stay where she is, but, run every truck race as well that can fit into the schedule!! in fact, run some ARCA events as well. she obviously doesn’t have a feel for a stock car so the more she gets to dricve one, hopefully the better she will become. and hey, just for the hell of it, throw a couple of winged sprint races in there as well!! what better way to learn the feel of a car than in a full power slide!!!

  • RoscoRoss

    Danica told Her crew after the race that She was sorry for not doing better with a loose car!!!!!! Can You see Tony or Jeff or Dale JR. or Denny or anyone else saying they were sorry about the loose car?????????

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1439205214 Brian Burchfield

      thats due to in fact that she has no clue what to tell her crew about how the ccar needs set up. Like Indy, shes just used to getting in and driving. Giving the car wedge probably means pull the panties out of her crack

  • GeneB

    Sounds like a bunch of male chauvenistic – shame on you guys

  • http://twitter.com/danielcome4th d thornhill

    Why all the comments about Danica, if she is qualifide to be in cup, then that means about a third of the field in sprint cup should go back to nationwide.Only about 20 of the 43 car field is somewhat competitive every week. Why not cut the field down to about 30, and that would leave more sponsors to go around for good teams in this tough economy.

  • robocop

    I agree that Danica needs more time in Nationwide and I am sure she agrees with you BUT, you do what the advertisers say and they want Danica to represent them on the side of a Sprint Cup racecar so she will be moving up. Lots of people are giving her a hard time saying she should not be up there and how she is not a good driver etc. BS! She actually does very well and is learning properly and taking it slowly. She was the class act in Daytona and would have won it if she was not taken out near the end of the race. I like her and she will do fine. I also like JoAnna Long and thinkl she will do well is she gets a decent ride. I am not one of those that think women should not be racing, if they can do it, bring them out!