Why Danica Patrick Is Highly Overrated

danica patrick

Whether you love her or hate her, at this point it’s becoming clear that with the Nationwide series more than halfway over, Danica Patrick is highly overrated.

Especially for a driver set to enter the Sprint Cup Series full time in 2013.

With the recent Nationwide race at Indianapolis that saw Danica spin out Reed Sorenson, the actions of which would come back to haunt her, how can we consider Danica even on the same level as some of the other drivers?

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BBO2Q2QDRBPJHAL65X2E3YA5KA GregoryP

    She is as good as any female driver and pretty. In the top circuits she is a 15th place driver with top 5 equipment and an attitude. Too much coverage of a laps down driver.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.pauls.37 Kenneth Pauls

    She seems like a sensible driver. She’s learning as all other drivers do when they start!

    • The Hit Man

      Remember Tony Stewart’s start ? Wow ! your delusional ! She’s nothing more than a fading attempt at a different demographic by NASCAR

  • madogdriver

    please, send her back to ARCA!!! there she will run on different surfaces, different size tracks from bull rings to super speedways. There she will learn car control and what she can and cannot do with a race car.. All these guys she is racing against grew up racing short tracks, except for a couple of exceptions. tony stewart went out and ran, and won, a winged sprint car race the night before his race! what did patrick do, her nails?

    • John Brashear

      I bet she can outdrive you ….sod buster

  • John Brashear

    what is the fixation on Danica?, how many drivers is she ahead of in Points ?, how many drivers have done worse ?, get off her, move on to something important…..get a life

    • RJ

      Out of the 17 drivers who have run all the Nwide races this year, she’s in 10th. I think she’s holding her own and doing OK. Let’s see what happens the rest of the year before we start crucifying the pretty little lady.

      • JamesFontana

        You need your vision checked. Danica is nothing but a bean pole. She has no shape, rarely smiles and without make-up is very plain jane. If you want to see nice looking go to Johanna Longs facebook page or Jennifer Jo Cobbs web page. Now there is good looking and with the right eqipment (car and crew) could out preform Danica any day. Johanna already has started two races ahead of Danica. Also while you are checking your vision take a look at the Cope twins.

        • Gordon

          What the HELL does that have to do with driving ability James F.

        • John Brashear

          James, whats her shape and makeup got to do with her driving? you vote democrat don’t you ?

          • JamesFontana

            The medai seems to think she is attractive. She is not. It has no effect on her driving ability or lack of it. There are better looking females that with the right equipment would be better drivers. And I’ move out of the country before voting Democrat.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2IASVDBUIJDAPOJTY5QEJLZ64I Hatski

            James…everyone has an opinion, you are welcome to yours, and being so critical of peoples looks, my guess is, you are a liberal progressive democrat, …just curious, whats Your best Finish in a CUP car ?

          • JamesFontana

            The media swoons over her like a prom queen. Apparently you can’t read, I said I’d move out of the country before voting democrat (liberal) Driving a cup car has nothing to do with the medias treatment of “the Queen” She can’t drive a stock car nor is she a beauty queen as the media portrays her.

          • John Brashear

            sounds to me you you go for a sex change, and up root her….

          • James Fontana

            sounds like you are an idiot

          • John Brashear

            your tactics mirrow those of the left, no real substance on any giving issue, just personal physical attacks on her person, not realy her abilities…which are much better than Yours….




      MONEY!!!!!SEX SELLS!!!!

  • Dismay

    Other than the success the Busch Brothers enjoyed she isn’t that far removed from them when they first came up. Kurt and Kyle both acted like they were playing bumper cars most of the time. I don’t know if she will make it eventually but a full year of NationWide probably wouldn’t have hurt her before moving up.

  • BillB

    She has stayed out of trouble in NASCAR for the most part, and hasn’t done much….a lot like the series she came from.
    Tony Stewart must have been hypnotized to become PC, with his Sprint plans, :)

  • BUBBA88

    What did Kyle Pettey ever do? He was a constant last place finisher and yet no one picked on him because of who his dad was. Come on, give it a rest. Let her drive and see what happens with more time. If letting her drive effects your life so much then don’t watch and stop whinning!

  • JamesFontana

    The fixation with Danica is sickening. She can’t drive, she is not attractive,and she always blames the car or another driver for her inability.She will be a liability in Cup rather than an asset for Tony Stewart. I don’t know what he tis thinking except for the Go-Daddy money. If her sponsor left her she would be a mediocre driver without a ride. Remember Erin Crocker always in the way and never standing out, this would be Danica without Go-Daddy. There are 42 other drivers and many more sponsors that need attention, more than Danica but money talks. I woud like to see a race where the camera watches the rest of the field where the real racing is going on.

    • John Brashear

      James, why not post your racing Resume, I’m sure you are another AL Unser

      • JamesFontana

        John, I have followed NASCAR since the fight on turn 3 in Daytona. I have been to several tracks and lived in Mooresville when it was race city and visited several race shops as a fan and a sales rep. I lived 10 minutes from Bristol and attended all the events at the track and on State Street. So I guess I have been around NASCAR long enough to have an idea of what is going on. Oh by the way you can catch my blog on the local papers web site.

      • James Fontana

        Don’t need to, been watching NASCAR since the big fight on turn 3 at Daytona. Do you remember that one. I also write a weekly blog for the local paper about NASCAR, so I guess that is good enough.

  • Wyoming Minuteman

    Are you “experts blind, or just stupid? Do you rhink, for one second, that Junior and Tony would put her in their cars if she couldn’t drive? The “Good Ole Boys ” are scared of her talent, and IF you watch the races, she’s been “spun out” 5 to 1 to when she’s “gotten into” another competitor and wrecked them. I don’t agree with all the hype about her Caution win at Indy, but she got it, just like the whinners that are named Waltrip!!

    • TransplantedTexan

      Consider the obvious – both Earnhart and especially Stewart need sponsership dollars. She and Milka Duno (and some male drivers) have the spnsorshop money to buy rides that they couldn’t get of talent were the only criteria.

  • John Brashear

    coming from Jeff Gordon it’s funny, since his divorce, Jeff has been in a record slump, I would caution Jeff against throwing mud at anyone, his personal life doesn’t seem to stellar

  • TransplantedTexan

    Your point is as obvious as the fact that the Sun rises in the East. At the recent Iowa race she was outrun by 3 teenage development drivers.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    I think you writers are poisoning the well. Danica has and is doing alot more for the sport than you are.
    Give her a couple more seasons, she will be a force to contend with.