NASCAR’s Restart Blunder Costs Elliott Sadler at Indy

elliot sadler

NASCAR’s inaugural Sprint Cup race at Indianapolis in 1994 ended with a dramatic finish that became legendary.

NASCAR’s inaugural Nationwide Series race at Indianapolis in 2012 ended with a similarly dramatic finish that should be legendary for all the wrong reasons.

When the field lined up for what would be the final restart of the day (which can be seen here), leader Brad Keselowski shared the front row with second-place runner Elliott Sadler.

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  • dominke

    I stopped watching and stopped buying over priced ticket. Bottom line Penske had more pull wit5h nascar. I hope they die off.

  • oneway

    Seem’s that NASCAR Offical’s are like the US GOV.they don’t know there BUTT from a Hole in the Ground.

  • JamesFontana

    For some reason it appears that NASCAR has it in for Elliot Sadler and RCR. This is not there first attempt to ruin Elliots championship hopes. Remeber the weight penalty? Now tell me how can a car that weighs in OK at pre-race not weigh the same at the end? I know wrecks and falling off parts can affect the weight but how many other cars fall nto this catagorey and are not punished. Now Darrell Waltrip was another story filling the roll bars with shot and releasing it during the race to lighten the car up but the weight rules were not as strict then if there were any. With these cars and all the inspection I don’t think this stunt could be pulled off.You can not fight NASCAR and win period.


    How is NASCAR going to COMPENSATE Elliott Sadler for the screw job they did to him or just sweep it under the RUG NASCAROFFICAL better go back to SCHOOL.