Johnson and Earnhardt Jr. won’t be stopped

earnhardt and johnson

Obviously a great amount of success is coming out of the 48/88 shop this season at Hendrick Motorsports. Teammates Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. are doing great this season. The two together have combined for four point race wins and two non-point race wins, 19 top five finishes, 30 top ten finishes, and Johnson has one pole on the season so far.

Earnhardt gained the points lead coming out of Indianapolis and Johnson sits in fourth in the Sprint Cup Standings. But what’s leading to the dominating success of the two?

Well first off, it is Hendrick Motorsports. They can never be underestimated. They have the best equipment money can buy. Secondly, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. work great together. They draft together at the plate races, they give each other data on their cars, I believe one time this season they even practiced in each others cars to gather information. Great, helpful, supportive, teammates give you good finishes.

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