Penske drops AJ Allmendinger

aj allmendinger

Suspended Sprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger was released by Penske Racing on Wednesday.

Allmendinger, who drove the No. 22 Shell Penzoil Dodge, was indefinitely suspended last Tuesday after his ‘B’ sample urine test supported an original test that was positive for amphetamines.

“I apologize for the distraction, embarrassment and difficulties that my current suspension from NASCAR has provided,” Allmendinger said in a statement. “As I stated last week, I have begun NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program and look forward to using those resources and its completion to compete again in NASCAR in the near future.”

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  • John Brashear

    AJ is a casualty of the times, liberal progressivism and Penske is held hostage by sponsorship’s and more, it’s a sad day in racing but par for NASCAR, in the years I was racing IMSA i saw many take the drug road to self destruction , since we don’t know what drugs AJ was accused of using we don’t know how serious the issue was, AJ seemed like a good driver, I hope he gets past this, and can resurrect his career,

  • JamesFontana

    AJ should give up racing. No sponsor will ever take him again. Shell has been biten twice since leaving RCR. The first bite was Kurt Bush and now Allmendinger. I hope this doesn’t run them off as a sponsor as sponsors are hard to come by these days. Once you wrong NASCAR you are done. The dictatorship of NASCAR always has the last say and that’s final (right or wrong)

  • Tree Top flyer

    I do not beleive A.J. would jeopardize a career he loved so much by knowingly taking illegal drugs. He worked hard to get to his position with Penske, and worked out constantly to keep his health at peak, in order to help keep that coveted spot. I have to think there was something he ingested that mirrored a drug on NASCARS No list! I sincerely hope he can proved this, and get the redemption that should go along with it.