Gordon Chosen for ‘Heisman’

jeff gordon

Jeff Gordon stepped into some select company Friday.

Two Heisman Trophy winners and an official of the organization that presents the trophy traveled to Pocono Raceway to announce that Gordon will be the seventh recipient of the Heisman Humanitarian Award.

The award is presented to an athlete who “gives back to improving the lives of others,” said Heisman Memorial Trust official Jim Corcoran. National Football League and National Hockey League players and Olympians are among the other recipients of the award.

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  • JamesFontana

    I like Jeff, I think what he does with his foundation is great. He is a great driver (not the best however) and may win more championships. But (and there is always a but) his association (sponsorship) with the money grabbing senior fleecing AARP is disgusting. This organization is supposed to benefit seniors all the while it has its hand in their pocket. It supported Obamacare which will drive up costs and limit care for seniors. So Jeff keep up the good work but try to get a sponsor that care more about helping that making money.

  • Steve

    Good for him, anything for kids and recognition for any one that helps kids!

  • Nascar fan

    I agree with JamesFontana…I really like Gordon and what he’s done for NASCAR. But it makes me sick everytime I see AARP on his uniform and car. AARP is a crook company telling lies to older people with their hands in the cookie bowl. It supported Obamacare which has 10 taxes in it plus death panels for over age 70 people. AARP is in Obama’s back pocket….Vote Obama out to save NASCAR and our county. To He!! with AARP!
    Get Smart Jeff drop AARP.

    • starblue

      AMEN ! Jeff needs to investigate these truths about his sponsor who has misled & deceived so many senior citizens. AARP is a horrible organization. Bunch of communists. Jeff Gordon, your fans love you but you but you don’t need a sponsor like this making you look bad. I agree with the comments above. It also makes me sick everytime I see it on your car, etc. And my son who has been a fan of yours for many years also feels the same way. I have almost quit cheering for you since they started sponsoring you. Maybe they are even part of the bad luck you’ve been having. Please get rid of them !

  • threebarrs

    Hooray for Jeff! He shows us all the time what a fine person and a great humanitarian he is! Congratulations to Jeff!