Dodge withdrawing from NASCAR after 2012 season


Dodge has formally announced its departure from NASCAR competition following the conclusion of the 2012 season. It’s decision affects current involvement in both the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series.

Ralph Gilles, the President and CEO of Dodge’s Street and Racing Technology Brand and Motorsports, made the announcement during a media teleconference call on Tuesday.

“We’ve spent an intense five months working to identify and evaluate all options for our future involvement in NASCAR,” Gilles said. “A number of opportunities emerged, and our team worked diligently to put a structure together to fit our overall business and competitive objectives. While we have been pleased and enthused with the amount of interest from teams and sponsors over that time, in the end, we simply couldn’t develop the right structure.”

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  • The Hat

    I don’t blame Chrysler one bit, I see NASCAR in a tailspin, and it’s headed straight to the ground, the ridiculous concept ALL NASCAR cars should be equalized offers absolutely NO incentive for a Manufacturer to race in this Sport, the Original Concept NASCAR and the Big Three was Win on Sunday, sell on Monday, but if the Racing is governed to such an extent it’s pits stops, fuel mileage, or your cars position when it’s called for rain, is hardly enough reason to justify Millions in development costs, I am only surprised it didn’t come sooner, Chrysler has had difficulties with NASCAR since the HEMI was banned in the 60’s, Chrysler followed the Rules, built the Engines based off the 426 Wedge and Blew the competition off the road, that was then followed by Ford and GM whining because they weren’t fast enough,……the bottom line is People, this is called “RACING”, it isn’t called equalized Racing, it isn’t called Best Pitstops, or anything else…it’s called RACING and the Only way to RACE is to set rules, and let the cars, drivers, and Crew Chiefs go for it.,…’s why Top Fuel cars run 330mph in 3.70 seconds in 1000 ft.

    it’s called INNOVATION, something America(ns) no longer are allowed to show, talk about, or accomplish,…thanks to Organizations like NASCAR,… are creating your own path to insignificants

  • Hatski

    NASCAR is what one would get if the GOVERNMENT ran Racing, excessive rules, High Costs, No Innovation, all look feel and smell the same, and little if any fun…..I don’t see how the car Owners can put up with this much longer…Chrysler see’s the writing, wonder when others will…… cant Legislate the costs of Racing, you cant compare what racing under the current deal is compared to NOT having so many ridiculous rules,