A.J. Allmendinger pins positive test on Adderall


Suspended NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger, who initially said he was rummaging through supplements to find out what amphetamine he might have taken that caused him to fail a random drug test, now says it was Adderall.

The prescription drug is commonly used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Allmendinger made the revelation in an ESPN interview Tuesday.

Allmendinger, who is militant about his fitness, claims that a friend gave him a pill and said it was a workout supplement. Allmendinger said that was two days before a June 29 urine test at Kentucky Speedway that tested positive. NASCAR removed him from the Sprint Cup race at Daytona International Speedway on July 7 when it learned of the positive test.

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  • Shelley Caldwell

    Sorry, I don’t believe him. Only somebody who is an idiot takes a pill ithout knowing what it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.christian.395 Debbie Christian

    he also failed his 2nd drug test a few weeks later, if it was only that 1 pill it should of been out of his system by then. so I think somebody is fibbing!!!!!!!

    • TransplantedTexan

      Debbie, there was only 1 sample taken – all at the same time. Only one sample. There was no second sample taken 2 weeks later. That one sample is split into 2 parts, A and B. The A part of the sample was tested and found to be positive for Adderall which contains amphetamine and is an illegal drug unless prescribed by a doctor. That was the reason that Allmendinger was suspended before the Daytona race. The reason that the one sample is split into 2 parts is so that if there is ever a question about the results of the test of the A sample, the B sample can be tested to verify the results. After he received the results of the A part of the sample, Allmendinger requested that the B part of that same sample be tested. It was and it came back with the same positive as the A part of the sample. So, while there were 2 drug tests with a couple of weeks between them, they were both of the same origional sample. There never was a second sample taken after the origional sample was tested.