NASCAR’s Toughest Drivers on the Sprint Cup Circuit

jimmie johnson tony stewart

The word tough can be defined as able to withstand strain, solid, rugged and formidable among other terms. Certain drivers in NASCAR’s premier series epitomize toughness for a variety of reasons.

Drivers can be tough without having a persona that would be described in such a manner. They may just be tough competitors who are formidable contenders for race wins and championships.

Other drivers can have the intimidating factor with their aggressive driving style. When these drivers are running well, they can give a competitor a few extra heart palpitations when they close fast on a car.

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  • JamesFontana

    The aggressive driving style went out the window when NASCAR started the “Chase”, Brian Frances idea of a “playoff” like other sports. France is so taken with football he wants NASCAR to be like it with all the parity and rules. Stock car racing is unlike any other sport even the Gran Prix, F-1 and Indy Car. In stoacr car racing there are many teams with different levels of financial support. The cars are sort of different now that NASCAR has change the rules a dozen times this season. I was glad to see Indy Car tossed out Honda as the sole engine supplier and allowed others but France has thought of a single engine and chassis suppler. There are a few drivers that show some aggression especially as the many laps of boring action free racing wind down. If a driver gets too aggressive he or she will be on the carpet in the NASCAR hauler after the race. NASCARs have at it boys (and girls) policy meant show a little aggression but not too much. Aggression was Cale Yarboroughs face running into Bobby Allisons fist in turn 3 of Daytona years ago. Aggression was Dale Earnhardt putting Darrell Waltrip or Terry Labonte out to win the race.