Jimmie Johnson gets 25 points back

j johnson

 Rick Hendrick recorded a major victory on Tuesday as the majority of the penalties against Jimmie Johnson‘s racing team for violations discovered prior to the Daytona 500 were overturned.

Chief Appellate Officer John Middlebrook lifted NASCAR’s six-race suspension against crew chief Chad Knaus and car chief Ron Malec, and returned 25 points to Johnson. The $100,000 fine for Knaus was upheld.

“It’s been a tough 30 days,” Knaus said. “It’s not about vindication. It’s time to move on.”

Johnson agrees with his crew chief. “I’m glad this is over, now it’s on to Cali. #6pack,” he tweeted in reference to going for his sixth championship.

NASCAR suspended Knaus and Malec after confiscating what officials deemed illegal C-posts during initial inspection for the Daytona 500. Knaus also was fined $100,000.

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  • Crazzy8chuck

    what is chad a golden boy. nascar lets the 48 team get away with this it is given the sport a bad name. this tells the world that if you want to cheat come to nascar.he has been caught in the past and will keep doin it.the 100,ooo.oo fine means nothing to them. they should have keep the suspenion they way it was and not been allowed to have a 2 nd appeal. I have been a nascar fan for a long time and you can not tell me that jimmie is that good of a driver that he can win 5 in a row is that to say that he is that much better than Petty or Dale sr. I dont think sooooooooooo. Chad will always cheat.   

  • shooter

    what else can be expected, ricks best friend,and former G M boss, NASCAR  SUCKS

  • Rsibery

    I think this is an absolute joke. Again NASCAR sucks when it comes to penalising the elite teams. Chad Knaus can do what he wants and the NASCAR big shots do nothing about it. I have been a huge NASCAR fan but with this slip shod deciaion I can only say NASCAR SUCKS. I am a very disapionted fan.  

  • Deloachsr24

    it look like he got away with it again.

    • D73hk