Kyle Busch’s post-Glen silence speaks volumes

kyle busch

Kyle Busch sometimes gets criticized for not talking to the media following a race.

This is not one of those times.

Had Busch talked to reporters after losing Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen thanks in part to an untimely oil spill and a no-call by the governing body, nothing good would have come of it. His lone words — “I have nothing good to say” — as he left the NASCAR hauler said it all.

Had Busch said more, he may have questioned why the race wasn’t called as soon as Bobby Labonte in the No. 47 began spewing oil, apparently like one of those gushers you see on the television series “Dallas.” Had he said more, he may have lambasted Brad Keselowski for spinning him after a mishap in the oil allowed Penske Racing driver and eventual winner Marcos Ambrose to make up a one-second gap on him.

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  • Louis

    I think that Nascar has made a lot of mistakes with the way they can make caution calls at times and then they don’t stop this race to clean up oil.I wonder about other some people being let off rules violations repeatedly.

  • DCW16

    Best NASCAR road race finish I ever saw . . . they all had to drive on the same oiley track . . . the last two laps were awesome . . . if they had dropped the yellow . . . they might still be cleaning up the oil . . . lol

  • John Brashear

    well, several sais he was the one oiling down the track….sooooo.

  • JGR fan

    Another case of NASCAR dropping the ball…getting to be a habit.

  • Jimmy Minter

    All there is to say is it was the best road race finish I have ever seen.

  • Jason Sybert

    Amazing these idiots say that he’s more mature, he does this every time something doesn’t go his way.