More Canadian races possible for NASCAR

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This weekend’s annual Nationwide race in Montreal might be just a taste of what’s to come north of the border for NASCAR.

Since 2007, the Nationwide Series has visited the famed Circuit Gilles Villeneuve road circuit. Every year, rain or shine the event draws one of the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of the entire season.

The success of the race has sparked speculation more of NASCAR’s top divisions may compete in Canada in the not too distant future including the Sprint Cup Series.

Canadian road racing ace Ron Fellows, who will compete for JR Motorsports this weekend in Montreal, is now co-owner of what was once known as Mosport International Raceway, a storied motorsports facility in Ontario that includes a 2.5-mile road circuit as well as a one mile oval track.

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  • miami mike

    i did not watch the last race from canada i will not watch this one . i do not miss any races. nascar is doing something wrong look at the empty seats keep the sport an american tradition . if you dont see the writing on the hoods of your cars. too many blank hoods i hpoe they make the right calls