NASCAR Drops Hammer On RCR

paul menard

NASCAR has suspended three members of the No. 27 Richard Childress Racing team for intentionally modifying the frame rails of the car Paul Menard drove to a ninth-place finish on Sunday at Michigan International Speedway.

Crew chief Slugger Labbe, car chief Craig Smokstad and crew member Grant Hutchens were each suspended from NASCAR until Oct. 3 and placed on probation until Dec. 31. Labbe was also fined $100,000.

The penalties mean the three will miss the next six NASCAR Sprint Cup races at Bristol, Atlanta, Richmond, Chicago, New Hampshire and Dover.

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  • James Fontana

    I would like to know what Richard has done to France to keep NASCAR after his drivers. They screwed Elliot Sadler over in one race and there have been other instances of NASCAR inforcement. Could it be Richard wouldn’t GIVE France a case of his wine?

  • John Brashear

    NASCAR is becoming it’s own worst enemy, they think attendance is down because of the economy…it’s down because NASCAR is worse than the Dictatorship we have in the whitehouse…..

  • John Brashear

    getting fined $100,000.00 is a lot of money, just how much money do these crew chiefs make anyway ?, a guy making $50,000 a year probably wouldn’t be getting a fine that big…..