Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson toss barbs at Keselowski

jr and johnosn

Entering NASCAR’s gray area turned into a red-hot firestorm for Brad Keselowski this week.

But the Penske Racing driver didn’t overstep the bounds of propriety in the traditional manner that has triggered multirace crew chief suspensions, points deductions and big-ticket fines from NASCAR.

After suggesting “tricks” were helping rival Hendrick Motorsports build the fastest cars in the Sprint Cup Series, Keselowski discovered the backlash can be as fierce for talking about the nether regions of the rulebook as for working in them.

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  • 1tymtrvlr

    Go fast Brad! The Blue Deuce #2 rules!

  • James Fontana

    NASCAR has taken great strides to make all cars equal to”level” the playing field. And look what it has done to the racing. This can be noted by the lack of fans in the stands. Fans do not want to watch IROC style cars running single file with a one or two car breakaway. They want to see their favorite driver in there digging along with the rest. Chad Kanus has been know for pushing the envelope into the gray area and he has been caught but what about the times he wasn’t caught? If the cars are as equal as NASCAR wants why then does Jimmie Johnsons car preform better that the rest. No one car should runaway from the others if the NASCAR flexible rule book is followed to a T.

  • John Brashear

    NASCAR is the results of years and years of micromanaging teams and Manufactures and what we have now is a seriously lack luster sport that penalizes innovation, NASCAR is what Racing would be like under the US Government, the Rule Book is to big, and complicated and to restrictive and inhibits all new thought and invention and should be abandoned, winning by a half a lap used to be the norm, now winning by a fender is and yet less and less are attending races and NASCAR management cant seem to figure out why, as a Manufacture Dodge has to see wins in order to justify such expenditures, and having toyota, ford and chevrolet all tugging shirt sleeves for “fairness” is killing the sport, ….less is more when it comes to rules and regulations, let the crew chiefs and teams loose and see where it goes, if the cars are to fast then limit engine size but making everyone run the same stuff isnt fun to watch, it isnt about just the drivers, it’s those that get them there too…….