Clint Bowyer refutes claims that he spun on purpose at Richmond

Federated Auto Parts 400

When Clint Bowyer spun out with a flat tire Saturday at Richmond International Raceway, there was speculation among fans that he might have spun out on purpose to bring out a caution flag.

That caution flag enabled Bowyer to pit and he ended up on a pit cycle that allowed him to stretch his fuel-mileage en route to the win.

Spinning out on purpose to bring out a caution flag is illegal, and NASCAR likely would have penalized Bowyer at least a lap if it believed he intentionally caused a caution. Similar accusations were levied toward Bowyer teammate Paul Menard last year at Richmond.

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  • Jerry Slay

    Clit Bowyer you cheated to get your team mate in. You suck man!

    • Bob

      This was from last year! He’s done this more than once.