US Fidelis: Fleeced NASCAR Fans See Justice


Rusty Wallace and his son Steve looked NASCAR fans right in the eye. On a series of TV commercials several years ago, the duo promoted the extended auto warranty company US Fidelis. The company’s website had pictures of the two as anchor images on the homepage. This NASCAR sponsorship was a key part of the company’s marketing efforts.

The Wallace father and son made it personal. They assured fans on the TV commercials that the Wallace family could vouch for US Fidelis. Thousands of NASCAR fans trusted the Wallaces and signed-up, believing the extended warranties would cover almost everything. Unfortunately, it was all a lie.

“Trouble Brewing For Rusty Wallace And US Fidelis Sponsor” was a Daly Planet column from June of 2009. Click on the title to read it. Various media outlets had begun to report on the reality of US Fidelis. NBC’s Today Show dropped a bomb with a look at what was happening inside the company. That video can be seen by using the story link above.

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  • John Brashear

    While Rusty and his son may have spoken for this company, that is no way means they should be tainted with any inside corruption or mismanagement, and to try and link them is a little outrageous, unless a court finds them culpable I would say Rusty and his Son were as much victims as anyone, though they may have profited from the company advertising they now carry the weight of the bad business practices they are being blamed unfairly for..

  • James Fontana

    What would this do to Danica if Go-Daddy went belly up? Also Junior Motorsports and Tony Stewart? This is another obstical to obataining sponsorship. You have to research your potential sponsor very well and go over their financial history with a fine tooth comb. Putting their name on your race car is an endorsement of their product.