NASCAR TV rights: Fox close to new deal; NASCAR wants bidding war for other races

nascar on fox

NASCAR is close to finalizing a new TV deal with Fox for the first half of its Sprint Cup season, but a deal for the second half of the schedule will not be wrapped up until next summer at the earliest, according to several sources.

Fox started negotiations for its package earlier this spring and has agreed on the broad terms of a new deal to continue in the sport, sources said. An announcement is likely to come in the weeks after the broadcaster’s media rights deal with Major League Baseball is announced officially.

But the remaining inventory of NASCAR’s media package will be in question for the next year. That’s because ESPN and Turner Sports executives told NASCAR that they are not willing to start negotiations on their media contracts early. NASCAR approached both networks earlier this summer about new deals, but both chose to wait until their exclusive negotiating windows kick in next summer. Typically, negotiating windows last around a month.

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  • James Fontana

    NASCAR should go with FOX all season as long as they send Darrell Waltrip home. Their coverage is the best by far. TNT is fair because they use some FOX people. ESPN totally sucks. They are more interested in their stick and ball sports which is proven by going to another program as soon as the race is the race is over and not doing a decent post race show. It’s is like they can’t wait for the race to be over.