Toyota not happy with Kyle Busch’s radio comments at Dover

kyle busch

Kyle Busch had the best car at Dover and yet was forced to make a late pit stop in order to finish the race. Despite leading the most laps, Kyle Busch finished seventh.

When Busch finished the race he let loose with a flurry of unkind words directed at Toyota Racing Development.

“Thank you, TRD,” he said sarcastically. “[expletive] us out of another one. Piece of [expletive], mother [expletive].”

Wednesday TRD president Lee White took issue with the words of Busch.

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  • don v

    if my pit window was 80 laps and i knew i didn’t have enough gas wouldn’t it be better to pit at about 50 or 60 laps to go . At least you would have a chance to make up what you lost pitting. i’m just sayin.