Brad Keselowski’s ‘lowest low’ shaped his outlook on adversity, pressure

Chase pressure is nothing compared to the stress Brad Keselowski faced when his family race team went bankrupt – with him as the driver.

In the face of mounting pressure during NASCAR’s Chase, Brad Keselowski has continued to play it cool.

He is questioned weekly about the stress level and how much he frets over the enormity of the task he faces: Beating five-time champion Jimmie Johnson for his first Sprint Cup Series crown.

Is he losing sleep over it? Does he think about it when he wakes up? Will he choke his chances away like others have in the past?

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  • John Brashear

    Brads self discipline is what got him this far, and those of you saying he’s over his head, need to put the Crack pipe down, he WILL win the Championship, and DODGE leaves on a winning note, it’s sad DODGE feels the need to leave the sport to get peoples attention, but It is the right decision.