Hendrick brings four title contenders


A lot of fans already are asking me to pick which Hendrick Motorsports driver and team will be the top one during the 2013 Sprint Cup season.

As strong as they all finished in 2012, that is going to be a really tough pick — and here’s why.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a great season. However, the concussion and being out of the car ruined his 2012 Chase for the Sprint Cup. So he is going to be motivated to prove the 2012 regular season wasn’t a one-time deal, plus get back into and show what he can do in the 2013 Chase. You also heard Dale Jr. talk about how he felt the new car NASCAR has beginning this year suits him. I could just tell from the comments Dale Jr. made after the Charlotte test in December with the new car that he is really motivated.

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  • James Fontana

    To me this is a bunch of BS. Hendrick will support Jimmie Johnson primarily with Jeff as a runner up. Junior may have a better season but not a run at the championship. And the kid Kasey Kane will get the leftovers. Hendrick may talk a good talk but actions will speak louder than words. JJ will get all the attention while the others linger in the shadows. All these owners have their “special driver that will get all the goodies even Tony Stewart. You don’t think Tony s going to give Ryan something better than he has. Danica, well forget it her money will be usefull to further Tonys agenda. Gibbs will throw everything at Kyle while Penske will
    support Brad to win a second title. Who knows what Rousch will do but we will know early in the season.