Gentlemen, Start Your Lobbying


During the Car of Tomorrow era, Sprint Cup models were so close in design that, in many cases, it took a practiced eye to tell a Chevrolet from a Ford and a Dodge from a Toyota.

Consequently, with the cars built to meet common templates across manufacturers, there was little room for Ford Team A to claim that Toyota Team A had aerodynamic or other advantages. The ground for arguments was soggy, at best.

That was then. This is now. The 2013 Gen-Six models actually look like their showroom counterparts. Manufacturer-unique body panels show off the lines of each model.

This is great for fans and, presumably, good for competition, but it potentially opens the door for a game that almost no one likes to play – lobbying for rules changes.

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  • John Brashear

    The Same thing responsible for the corruption and lies and power struggle in the Government of whats left of this Great Nation is now alive and well in NASCAR?….i see doom on the horizon.