Ryan Newman a surprise winner

ryan newman


The crowd was poised for a last-lap miracle from Dale Earnhardt Jr. in third place.

Then all hell broke loose at Martinsville Speedway.

And Ryan Newman won.

Nobody was poised for that on Sunday, which is why fans love short-track racing, why they’ve been belly-aching the past two weeks since the snooze-fest at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Newman did have a Hendrick Motorsports engine, but that doesn’t give Hendrick, Gordon, Johnson or even Earnhardt any solace. They were the class of the field all day — leading 441 of 515 laps — and basically came away with nothing.


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  • Gitfiddle

    Hey Ryan finally hooked one. I know Jimmy and Dale were looking good at the end but Ryan lucked out. It don’t do anything for my income so I’m satisfied the way it worked out. Thanks Nascar for an entertaining race.

  • Im-dicken

    Usually I HATE these “toilet bowl” races (like Bristol, Virginia, etc), but most of this one was interesting.  My choice, Tony Stewart, did not win although the Stewart-Haas team came out on top, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  • Kenjack

    Even after all the tampering that NASCAR management has done over the years with the goal in mind of stifling innovation and competition, I still think the cars are just too fast.  If I was on the NASCAR Mgmnt. Team, I would call for the elimination of four cylinders, a 2″x3″ breather hole in front of the radiator, rubber tire bumpers all around the cars, and addition of 1,000 pounds per car, and estrogen injections for the drivers (except for Danica).  Only then could the races be considered to be truly fair, and the race cars truly safe.  Oh, and if you drive a Prius, you automatically get 500 points at the beginning of the season.

    • spyder43

       That doesn’t sound like fun. Its too bad for Jeff and Jimmy but that is what happens in racing. There are circumstances that others do not have control over.  Now why did the caution come out? 
      Did Reutiman do it on purpose or did he have a problem that made it dangerous for him to go into the pits?

    • Ggarrett34

       Speaking of the wannabe race driver or sexless wannabe sex goddess I try NOT to watch any race that she shows in.
      I am sick and tired of EVERYTHING being the tit less one.
      Even the fenderless racers are glad that she has disappeared

  • Insurgent

    Who in the hell is Ryan Newman?

    • True Patriot

      Who the hell are you?

  • Holland180

    Jeff and Jimmy got screwed out of a win by reckless drivers

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NED27QRZK4RRXQDTC3NQ3A7AEI William

    Hey dummie anyone driving over 200 mph is reckless thus they all are and only ONE won! the least reckless which means he was and is the best!

    • True Patriot




  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R627V5XCPT4U7CZRGLYLK5P5NA James Fontana

    I read all the comments and I do not believe there is a true race fan in the bunch. It was racing at its best. At least the last 10 laps were. The short track races ususlly are the most exciting but with Bruton “fixing” Bristol it became boring but he has vowed to return it to its original configuration. Martinsville is a victim of NASCARs leveling the playing field. This “leveling” has gone wat to far. NASCAR needs to leave room for inovative crew chiefs to be creative. The races which are a total bore are Dayton and Talledega. It is just watching cars turning left for a few hours until the last few laps. These races should be shortened or broken into heats and a feature. The media will say that fans do not want to see crashes, wrong well sort of, they want action, a little bump and run or a nudge in the rear quarter panel and things like that. They do not want to see  bone crushing crashes that injure drivers. Action sells tickets and not a run away by one driver.