CUP: Pit-Road Penalties Hampering Drivers



We saw a lot of pit-road penalties during Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at  Martinsville Speedway.


I am wondering if this new fueling deal  and the readings that they are getting with it are throwing them off on figuring  that out. I don’t have a complete answer yet. I am going to get a hold of Tony  Gibson, who is Ryan Newman’s crew chief, to see what happened in their case. As  you know, they were able to overcome their speeding penalty and win the  race.


We saw three of our top-finishing drivers get penalties. With a combination  of luck and ability, they were able to overcome them. However, the drivers can’t  keep flirting  with those kind of issues.


You have to remember that NASCAR already gives theses teams a lot of leeway.  They have a 5 mph buffer when it comes to meeting pit-road speed. The issue is  that even with the buffer, these teams are continually stepping over the line.  Granted some are really, really borderline of being over by 5.1 mph or 5.2 mph,  but the bottom line is they are over the limit.


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  • SRT8Pilot

    This isn’t racing, it’s organized rule making. Auto racing ought to be about advancing technology. Not only do these cars not even vaguely resemble what we drive, but it’s all about regulation, not fun. Five, ten or even twenty MPH will not make a difference in survival if you hit someone in pit lane. They are not worried about being ‘safe; it’s about making more rules to keep anyone from excelling.

    • Hiram Holiday

      I have been interested in NASCAR since it was first televised in the sixties.  I am becoming bored.  The camera coverage is good.  The races are too evenly matched.  Money is the advantage, not skill or power.  Go back to the rule that all cars have to come off the sales lot.  Allow the modifications to stock specifications.  It would make both the races
      and the cars on the road  more interesting.

  • Bacrr

    Races are too long and somewhat boring.  The most exciting races in Virginia are at Virginia International Raceway.

  • Harve2121

    Why not lower the engine cubic inches instead of making everybody have the same set-ups? then let the best cars win. No rules on how much fuel you can put to the engine. Lets get back to Ernie Elliott engine days! Real STOCK cars


  • Messsgt

    The best fun in racing is in the non-NASCAR races.  This pits individuals and their cars against other individuals and their cars.  I had fun many years ago racing “Novice” class with a non modified ’37 Ford.  The only modifications were for safety, ie roll bars, etc.  Everything else was “Stock” The rules, may the best car and driver win.

  • MontannaMEL

    Everyone runs telemetry…right?
    Soooo….how hard is it to trigger a “throttle pull off” when the MPH/rpm/gear readings say TO FAST!??? huh?

    You’ve just come off a high bank, your judgement is all fried from 5 to 30 min at some “let it hang out” speed…your tires have been telling you to pit for the past 3 or 4 laps…and, this same car has been “stuck” in your windshield view for the past 15 laps…you just can’t seem to finger-out the pass… now — you have to slow down to “what speed”???…right, just not going to happen without some sort of reminder…ACME HAMMER to the rescue, out of the back seat it comes — WHAP…remember now??? (cue-Beep-Beep)…

  • GregoryP

    Only recklessness on green flag stops should be penailized. This is a race NASCAR, not a speed trap or a fuel mileage challenge.

  • Ransonhs

    NASCAR has been pretty bad for years and getting worse if that can be done. Boring, not much racing going on mostly wrecking. I would rather watch fast cars, that is why I watch the NHRA, IHRA and The American DragracingLeague.

  • ADO

    All NASCAR has become is a glorified 43 car IROC series. The excitement, the drivers, and the racing from days gone by are long gone. Political Correctness, the concern over diversity and other ridiculous things that do not belong have ruined a once proud sport. NASCAR openly denies their attendance numbers are down, but anyone with half a brain can see in the stands. Sure, some of it is because of the economy, but allot of it is due to what they are doing to the sport.

    The fans do not want a bunch of cookie cutter cars or drivers and that is what they (and their rules) are giving us. Racing used to be may the best man/team win, now it is all about fairness… and fairness only equals boredom on the racecourse. Maybe they will realize their error before it is too late…

  • Smokey0347

    Racing used to be ‘run what ya brung’.  Now it’s so ruled to death that it just isn’t the same.  Nascar was 100 times better back in the 60’s and 70’s before all this rules and regs to make every car the same.  Why not just bring back the old IROC races and be done with it?   Not much difference is there?  Now it’s all about which team has the most money to spend on R & D.  The cars are nothing like what we drive on the streets every day anymore.  Go back to showroom new cars, put in a roll cage and go racing!!

  • James Fontana

    Pit road is one place where NASTYCAR can control the race outcome. Do they show us the actual speed in speeding penalties? NO. THey can come up with what ever they want and call it a penalty. Unfortunately pit road is not always on camera so they can pull their crap. Just like the ball cap on the track last week, it took too many laps of caution just to go out and get it. They always find debri when one of their favorites needs to catch up. I was glad to see Tony win the championship as I think it put a monkey wrench it NASCARS plans for Carl Edwars to be the champion.