Democratic convention offers NASCAR sponsorship

democratic nascar

For only $5, now you, too, can have your name painted on a NASCAR stock car.

The Charlotte 2012 convention committee has launched a “Powered by the American People” campaign that promises contributors of any amount that their names will be listed as sponsors on the Democratic National Convention racing car.

An email blast with the pitch, signed by reknowned NASCAR promoter H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler, went out Thursday and the promotion leads the convention’s web site.

Charlotte is the home of the NASCAR hall of fame, so it’s a natural fit. Of course, the racing league also has been the subject of fodder used against Mitt Romney in the presidential campaign.

The GOP hopeful said in February, “I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners,” and Dems immediately latched onto the statement as proof that Romney is out of touch with regular voters.

Here’s the full pitch from Wheeler:

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  • kiddopup

    Who nis the idiot that would accept their money they hate nascar fans and want to destroy auto sports period look at what they are doing to the oil industry I hope the fans are going to let whoever is the car how they relly feel about the totalitarian party

  • JudyG46

    So, who’s paying for the car???  The taxpayers again???  Not enough details.  Does the GOP have a NASCAR, too?  Sheesh!!!

  • Jrelkhunt


  • Overbeagle

    if u support the dems,,,nascar should penalize the team 10 laps just for being dumb

    • Paul Brown

      Over, I so agree with you, anybody that supports it should be fined or lose the race period.

  • Mike

    I have been a NASCAR fan for years if they do this I will never watch another race  or buy any products that has the NASCAR brand on it I hope that we the fan ban together and boycott NASCAR and all the track owners that want to do this Keep NASCAR what it is meant to be a sport not another left wing Obama money maker   

  • Loisc

    1texascowgirl  Didn’t Oboma try to stop Chevolet from putting cars in NASCAR because he gave them a bail out?

  • Mike

    If a Nascar team accepts the sponsor from the  brain dead Dems. I hope all other sponsors leave!!!

  • goldenoldies

    Now they’ve gone to far! Pretty damn arrogant of these commie bastards. They always make the southern people the butt of their jokes all the time so this is too damn much. A real southern man and woman wouldn’t vote for that damn illegal African half breed no matter how many cars he puts on the track. Wheeler is a traitor to this sport if he embraces this commie crap. Obama uses people for his own personal gain. He is always telling us what we need and vote for him and he’ll tax the evil rich people so we can have more tit to suck on. Obama is a POSFN.

  • Carol

    Hopefully they will not get anyone to sign! Do not know whose car but, if this starts I will go back to watching go carts! After screwing us on oil to everything else cars etc I will not being a supporter if this goes!

  • Alking

    Nascar please don’t do anything for the Dems.  They are destroying this country and if you can ‘t see that open you eyes. I promise you this, if you do anything for the Dems. I will not support Nascar and I don’t miss Nascar race’s
    I even paid to drive a Nascar in Miami this spring but that kind of thing will end for me.  Let put this country
    back together, lets don’t take it down any further. We Need to get rid of this so called President. What a pour excuse
    for a president.  And a President the dosen’t allow pray in shcool, and I support Nascar because you have the guts
    to have prayer every race before the race starts and they is nothing better then the prayers you have.
    Support the Dems and you will  lose your to prayer.

  • AJP

    They must think NASCAR Fan’s are stupid to suggest such a thing if NASCAR goes along with it Ill never watch another RACE and ill be FISHING on Race Day. GOT a DEM. COMMUNIST MUSLIN leading this Country They do anythig for a VOTE

  • Mjbadamy

    anybody seen a “green power ” race car ? Thats what those idiots promote – why not make them use what they preach ? We could witness the first windmill powered nascar! It will make about 10 laps and be out of the picture.

    • Jrelkhunt

      her pic could be with a pic of a horse’s ass and a gorilla butt—No one would be able to tell the difference

  • Elchucko1

    Maybe the “first lady” can get her picture on a “losing” car!!!

  • goldenoldies


    • Jrelkhunt

      obummer of course–who else preys on the dumb people for votes and tells them they are going to die if they dont vote for him———–and they believe it–thats the bad part

  • goldenoldies

    You gotta watch what you say here because big black brother is watching and censoring us. Commies are in control do not adjust your set.

  • 146196

    HUMP humpy! The Dems HATE stock car racing and everything that goes with it.. ooohh carbon dioxide, declared toxic by the EPA. Oil…..oooohhhh Not from the USA! Rednecks OMG!