There Are Three Sides To Every Story


All last week you heard the pundits predict that the Richmond race was going to be wild and the only thing to expect was the unexpected.

Boy was that ever true. We had controversy, confusion and even another new winner in 2012. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the Nationwide Series race Friday night first.

Congratulations to Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch Motorsports. Under the leadership of Rick Ren and Mike Beam, Kurt won in his brother’s car. There has been a lot of pressure this year on that bunch.

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  • JamesFontana

    I wish whoever wrote this had the guts to put there name to it. It sounds like the rambleings of Waltrip. The media always talks a good action packed race before a sold out crowd but so far this season they have been wrong. Now they are hyping the all star race as action packed. I am willing to say it will be the same old thing with 35 cars going around and around with the leader lapping the field. They will call this racing. NOT.

  • Blane Barnes

    All we learned is that NASCAR officials are  only human and Do make mistakes. To bad they didn’t reset the race at that point and correct their mistake. Instead they kept going without correction, so who really won the race???