Sorry, Rusty Wallace, not yet. Not next year, either, or maybe even the year after. You’ll get into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C., eventually, of course–but you’ve got to wait a while.

Same to you, Rick Hendrick. Sure, you’ve won all those championships and all those races, but it’s too early for you as well. The same goes for fellow championship-winning team owner Richard Childress. Both of you undeniably deserve to get in the Hall of Fame, and you will . . . but now isn’t the right time. And while we’re at it, why isn’t team owner Jack Roush among the recently announced 25 nominees for the Class of 2013?

As for the late Annie B. France, who is a 2013 Hall of Fame nominee: Please! Some people say we have overlooked and undervalued the role played by the wife of NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. and mother of longtime organization president Bill France Jr. They say she handled the cash and signed the checks and ran the office in Daytona Beach, Fla., while “Big Bill” was out and about, getting things done. Without her, they proclaim, NASCAR would not have grown as it did.