We saw a lot of pit-road penalties during Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at  Martinsville Speedway.


I am wondering if this new fueling deal  and the readings that they are getting with it are throwing them off on figuring  that out. I don’t have a complete answer yet. I am going to get a hold of Tony  Gibson, who is Ryan Newman’s crew chief, to see what happened in their case. As  you know, they were able to overcome their speeding penalty and win the  race.


We saw three of our top-finishing drivers get penalties. With a combination  of luck and ability, they were able to overcome them. However, the drivers can’t  keep flirting  with those kind of issues.


You have to remember that NASCAR already gives theses teams a lot of leeway.  They have a 5 mph buffer when it comes to meeting pit-road speed. The issue is  that even with the buffer, these teams are continually stepping over the line.  Granted some are really, really borderline of being over by 5.1 mph or 5.2 mph,  but the bottom line is they are over the limit.