What are your impressions on the new pavement surface at Pocono Raceway? “It really feels like a different track. You’re pretty much starting over from scratch. You’re putting in something similar to what you have at Indianapolis in your car and hoping for the best. Goodyear did a good job with the tire. I feel like we have a tire that doesn’t wear as much as I like, but it’s got good grip. For a new pavement surface, they did a good job matching the surface and the tire. Really, we’re just running in each other’s snow tracks right now. There’s a distinct line along the bottom of which you have to run and you can’t get out of it. That part of it is going to be tough, but really it’s going to be a fight for whoever gets position on each other into the corner. There will be a lot of drafting and things like that down the straightaway and you’re going to see massive dive bombs going into the corner trying to get position. My estimation is you’ll probably see a lot of excitement.”