In an exclusive announcement only heard on SPEED’s NASCAR Race Hub tonight, the names Ray Fox, Anne B. France, Wendell Scott, Ralph Seagraves and Rusty Wallace were added to the overall group of potential inductees in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2013.
Former crew chief Larry McReynolds, a NASCAR analyst for FOX & SPEED, offered his take on the additions to the 25-person nominating pool for the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
Here are the comments from Larry McReynolds:
SPEED: Talk about the five newest additions to the nominating pool.
McReynolds: What I see here is a very diverse group, probably, one of the most diverse groups that have been added to our nominees since we’ve been doing this. You have the recently retired Rusty Wallace, and no question when I look at these guys and ladies, I think Rusty should have probably already been on the list. When you start talking about 50+ wins, add-in a Sprint Cup Championship, there’s no question. I’m a little shocked he’s just now being added.
Then you have Anne B. France. Things were so different today than they were back then. I think when men were as successful at building a company like NASCAR that Bill France Sr., was, there’s no question that his wife had to work as hard behind the scenes as he did.
Then, to have an engine and owner builder in Ray Fox; then to have someone who impacted our sport more than we’ll probably ever know, promote or realize, Ralph Seagraves, with what he did with RJ Reynolds and Winston. Of course, Wendell Scott, almost all of the races he competed in he was a one-man band. He drove the truck, he drove the car, worked on the engine, changed his tires. It’s a very diverse group. It’s a very interesting group.
Whether they get into this 2013 class or not, I don’t know, but I think just like the other 20 that’s already in there, no question, they are future Hall of Famers.