All good sports are built upon rivalry. If you don’t have competition, then the sport is not enjoyable. NASCAR has had its great rivalries in the past. The Intimidator had various rivalries that come to mind. Now, this current era needs something for the fans to watch and enjoy. After watching the Brad versus Kyle run at the end of Martinsville, these two might be the next great rivalry. It could run for quite a while.  Even if they don’t get into fisticuffs at some short track in the future, that still does not detract from their racing each other. Nothing like two great talents going head to head. Add Joey Logano to the mix and what have you got?

Brad nKyle

Could a new rivalry be brewing in NASCAR?

By: Lee Spencer, NASCAR Senior Writer at

But boy, what a battle it was to the finish between the two former champions.

And with both drivers in their prime, it could be the start of a rivalry for the ages. 

“There’s definitely some gamesmanship there, and Kyle is one of the best race car drivers out there,” Keselowski said. “He’s driving for one of the best teams, and he’s going to be someone that I am going to have to beat for my entire career if we’re going to win races and championships.  

“I know that, and it’s not something that I feel bad about. I feel good about it. I want to race guys that are great, and I think the team wants to compete against teams that are great. That’s what makes this series special. That’s what makes it the series that it is.”

A bad set of tires?

Over the last 100 laps, the former Cup champions traded the lead five times. Keselowski, 33, powered to the inside of Busch at the start-finish line on Lap 457 to close the deal. Busch, 31, settled for second, 1.8-seconds behind Keselowski. 

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