The fight over American energy consumption is coming to a Nascar track near you this summer.

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, an advocacy group representing coal producers, electric utilities and railroads, announced its sponsorship Tuesday of Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his race team, JR Motorsports.

As one of the sport’s most famous faces, Mr. Earnhardt will serve as a spokesman for the group, and JR Motorsports cars will feature the ACCCE logo, starting this week at a Nationwide series race in Richmond, Va. The sponsorship is part of a $40 million advocacy push, according to a spokeswoman for the group.

NASCAR fans are a coveted demographic for politicians and advertisers alike. The Earnhardt sponsorship is the latest in a relatively new wave of campaigns and other interest groups teaming up with drivers and their race teams to get the message out.

Other recent sponsorships include: former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who sponsored a car at this year’s Daytona 500 to draw attention to his long-shot bid to win the Republican presidential nomination, and AARP, which teamed up with driver Jeff Gordon to promote its Drive to End Hunger campaign. Ethanol producers also sponsor a car.