NASCAR on Tuesday announced it has reinstated driver AJ Allmendinger following his completion of the sanctioning body’s Substance Abuse Policy Road to Recovery Program. Allmendinger was indefinitely suspended from the sport on July 24 after testing positive for a banned substance, and subsequently was released from his driving duties with Penske Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

NASCAR Race Hub co-host Steve Byrnes and SPEED NASCAR analysts Larry McReynolds, Matt Clark and Dave Despain offered their perspective on the news:

Steve Byrnes, NASCAR Race Hub Co-Host

“It’s a pretty quick turnaround. It’s interesting, though. This time of year, how are owners going to look at him? He’s obviously a talented race car driver, but what’s going to work against AJ is the time of year. So many rides for next year have already been filled. Marketing campaigns are already being built, so it’s pretty late in the game.