Letarte Finding Satisfaction In New Job


“I went to my little girl’s dance recital for the first time in five years. I’ve never, ever been able to make it,” he said. “I’ve always been at a race. I’ve made more of my son’s go-kart races than I ever made. It’s the little […]

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Larson still pushing for spot in Chase


Kyle Larson can never seem to fulfill the expectations. Too good one week. Not good enough the next. Often looked at as the next Sprint Cup superstar, Larson turns just 23 later this month. With less than four years of stock-car racing experience, he has already […]

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Protection order against Kurt Busch upheld

kurt busch

A Delaware family court judge denied Kurt Busch’s appeal of a protective order obtained in February by his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll. Judge William J. Walls Jr. issued the ruling Thursday, upholding the decision by family court Commissioner David Jones that Busch committed an act of domestic […]

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