NASCAR team ownership a risky proposition


Being a NASCAR team owner isn’t cheap, offers little financial reward and comes with a high risk of failure. The adage has been said so many times that determining who the first to say it is difficult. Regardless, in many ways it’s the overriding principle of […]

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NASCAR legend Buddy Baker has inoperable cancer

1970 Buddy Baker Darlington victory

“Do not shed a tear,” Baker signed off Tuesday. “Give a smile when you say my name. I’m not saying goodbye. Just talk to you later.” Buddy Baker, a former Daytona 500 winner and one of NASCAR’s all-time great super speedway racers, stepped down from his […]

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NASCAR drivers to begin using digital dashboards


Drivers will soon have a new array of information available to them inside the cockpit. A test conducted by NASCAR and Goodyear this week at Kentucky speedway is about more than just tires — drivers are also experimenting with a new digital dashboard. Featuring readings for […]

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