Does anybody here wreck any more?

Sprint Cup drivers have raced two complete races on two fast 1.5-mile tracks over the past two weeks, and there have been no crashes. There were only two caution flags for 10 laps at Texas Motor Speedway two weeks ago and only three for 18 laps Sunday at Kansas.

The two Texas cautions were for debris on the track, as were two of the three at Kansas. The other Kansas caution flew when Clint Bowyer spun out early in the race.

Are these drivers, as we often hear, really the 43 best in the world?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Either way, the lack of mayhem in recent races is remarkable. Last year, the same two races produced a total of 10 caution periods.

It might be argued that the Texas and Kansas races saw no mangled cars simply because the drivers generally weren’t near each other long enough to run into each other. Both races were relatively strung-out affairs (Texas being the more obvious, onerous and odious example) featuring only sporadic activity at the front.