The trip to Texas Motor Speedway will be full of unknowns for the NASCAR drivers. As you are well aware, TMS has gone through a repaving this year. On top of that, the banking in the curves has been changed and the track widened. That in itself makes it problematic for any driver. Additionally, there has been no tire testing or any other kind of racing tests performed. The first tests will come during practice time. Here is what some drivers have to say.



Drivers Raise Caution Flag on ‘Unknown’ at Texas Motor Speedway



From Fan4Racing Blog and Radio

Once a race track undergoes a reconfiguration or repave, NASCAR teams are usually invited to take part in a scheduled test of their equipment so they can learn how to adapt their car to the track changes well before competing in a race. But not always, especially when there’s a shortage of time and at Texas Motor Speedway, they know all about a time crunch.

The Speedway just completed a repave and reconfiguration of their 1.5-mile track in Fort Worth – a process that began earlier this year in January. The project includes a four-degree banking reduction in turns one and two to 20 degrees, with a 20-foot widening of the race surface to 80 feet, in the same part of the track, to create more opportunities for passing.

The concept is a great idea, but the shortage of time has left teams with no chance to test and prepare their cars for the XFINITY and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series’ races at Texas this weekend. Scheduled practice sessions will give most teams a speedy turnaround time to adapt to the great unknown they face at Texas.

The competitive advantage may go to those teams with the luxury of racing simulators, offering some limited advance data for them to work with – but the unknown is still worrisome for Kurt Busch.

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