We feel great about putting all three of our NASCAR Sprint Cup teams in the top five last weekend. We are very thankful that the teams performed as well as they did.

If you think about it, how interesting is it that a couple of hundred and fifty people in Cornelius, NC, put those three cars together and handed them over to three different drivers and crew chiefs and pit crew guys to execute a plan, and now they have them come in third, fourth and fifth. That’s interesting to me that you have so many different variables and elements, but yet they were all able to take back that equipment and place it in the top five.

I’m really thankful for the fact that we got the result that we deserved. We had to make some serious decisions late in the race as to what to do. Two of the teams stayed out, one pitted — and all of them wound up in the top five. I’m really happy with the decisions the crew chiefs made and the decisions the drivers made on the track to come up with a great result.