Last night I was sleeping pretty soundly dreaming of NASCAR as often happens when I am going through NASCAR withdrawal. I was dreaming of cars that were specifically made for driver safety. The area where the driver sat had more space inside. There were more roll bars in the frame around the driver in order to provide more protection.

These cars were also made so that they were the same no matter what type of race track they were running on. It was supposed to save the race teams money by not having special cars for each type of race track. In my dreams I worked on the car changing it from a speedway car to a short track car by simply changing the shocks, springs and camber on the front tires. It seemed like the NASCAR version of utopia.

My dreams turned to Daytona International Speedway and high speed restrictor plate racing. I dreamt of cars, whose bumpers aligned so good that they were able to run nose to tail with one another even while turning in the corners. The racing was indeed safer but some of the drama was missing. I sensed it even though I was dreaming.