Since NASCAR doesn’t make the rule books available to fans, I figured I’d go through the 172-page book and share some of the more interesting nuggets I found with you.

Here goes!


Right off the bat, something interesting! The first two pages of the book list all the important people in NASCAR, and it’s basically in order of their importance. Well, guess what? While the first two names are Bill France Sr. (founder) and Bill France (legacy chairman), the third name was a surprise to me: John Middlebrook.

Yep, that’s right. Middlebrook, the National Stock Car Racing chief appellate officer who recently overturned Jimmie Johnson’s penalty, is listed before the other four members of the France family – Brian, Jim, Betty Jane and Lesa Kennedy – as well as before Mike Helton.

Guess that goes to show you just how important Middlebrook’s job is viewed by NASCAR.